Monday, May 20, 2013

I'm in love with a stripper.

This weekend I went to Vegas with some girl friends and had a little more fun than usually. My previous ventures to Sin City we always coed. We had a lot of fun, but it was mostly visiting bars and female strip joints. Well, this trip was different because the only thing we frequented was a male strip club, an awesomely raunchy one that I will be scrimping and saving just so I can visit it again soon. 

I had never experienced a male stripper before...that I can remember. But, I do watch a lot of reality TV shows, and every time they have a male stripper perform for whatever occasion, I tell myself, "you need to fuck a male stripper at least once in your life!" So, it's officially on my Bucket List, and here's why: They do things with their hips that are extremely talented, and their stamina is unbelievable. I truly believe it would be worth the money to pay a stripper for sex. So next time I go to Las Vegas, I will have a butt-load of cash and I am propositioning one of them bad boys (I have a specific one in mind, I hope he doesn't retire before I can go back).

I plan to gamble when I go to Vegas again....with my sexual health!!


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