Monday, June 23, 2014

How many touchdowns did USA score in the World Cup this weekend?

I jest with my title. While I do not know much about soccer, I do know that there are no touchdowns involved. 

Lately it seems like way more people are into soccer then in the past, I assume it is because social media is so prevalent in most of our lives and many people like to be apart of any big event that is going on in sports. I personally try to avoid watching competitive sports, I always feel bad for the loser. I try to remind myself that the players are all aware of the fact they might lose and that they usually get paid a handsome fee to compete, but honestly it's just too much for my bleeding heart. 

Too bad, it's a pretty good aphrodisiac for dudes if a female is into sports. At least that's what a lot of women think. Scrolling through my Facebook news feed, most of the obnoxious sport references are not from the males. Sure, the men talk sports and you can find a few team logos on their profile, but they usually don't cram it down your throat that they are in to sports. Sometimes I just want to tell them, "okay, we get it, you are incredibly unique, you have a vagina yet you like to watch people play with balls". If I did that I would be considered a "Hater", which I am...but why does everyone have to know.

It's too bad I am not into sports, I am lucky enough to watch the World Cup while I'm at work. My coworker has been watching it and I just can't seem to get into it. I'm sure at a live game it would be exciting and all the energy would help me develop an interest. 

Eh, who cares.

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