Tuesday, December 13, 2011

i am uninspired.

welp, i tried to think of a blog topic for tonight. i tried so hard that veins actually bulged out of my forehead. but to no avail. although....i am pretty impressed by one of my old drawings i found. it reminds me of an old woman whom got clawed by some type of villainous, long nailed creature. not robert pattinson

but like a heterosexual, sexy beast....kind of like jake ryan from sixteen candles if he had werewolf tendencies.

i may masturbate to that image later... but for now i am getting off subject.
oh yeah, i was speaking of my writers block.
i once mentioned that i had an epiphany that lead me to believe i should research each blog. that's not gonna happen. research is for fags! just kidding. back when i was a bully i thought it was funny to call people fags, but it's not.

if i had my way i would be a gay man. i honestly feel that i am a gay man trapped in a giant boobed straight woman's body. woe is me. if i were a man i would inherit the physique of my brother and dad, not the physique of a fertility goddess. does the circus still have freak shows? i can be employed as the giant breasted  freak. is it odd that i have never been pregnant yet my mammaries are the size of a fiat? did your god just desire that i be a hunch backed freak? i assume so.

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