Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The animals need our help.

I have a bleeding heart when it comes to animals. I love them all, and hate that humans treat them like disposable objects. 

I have three dogs and two cats. If I could I would, adopt every unwanted animal I came across, but of course that is not possible. What I should do is get off my lazy ass and try to fund some sort of foundation at the very least; provide free vaccinations and spaying/neutering program in my community. Right now I am stuck in a low brow, small town ghetto that makes it heart wrenching to go outside due to all of the stray animals and stupid druggies walking dogs without leashes. 

It's depressing and infuriating. In my neighborhood, most of the people let their dogs roam free once a day to use the restroom on other people's lawns (particularly mine). So in the morning there are numerous neighborhood dogs milling around. 
Aren't these people worried that their dogs could get ran over? Of course not. To them, dogs are disposable. They probably get offered dogs weekly by all their friends and family that try to breed or just don't bother to get their pets fixed.

My extended family is the worst. My Grandma actually considers it in insult when she calls me "dog lover" but I am very proud when someone calls me that. 

Think about it, domestic animals, like cats, dogs, hamster, etc., have only to rely on the kindness of stranger. A human acquires them, and hopefully that human is decent and realizes the animal is not some soulless creature put on earth just for their amusement, it is a poor defenseless animal that has to live in a fucked up world full of disgusting people who aren't worth a shit but still value themselves over all animals.


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