Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm back, with less confidence and more hatred towards humanity!

 I took a break from my blog and my comics to take a four week intensive writing class. It was an expensive lesson. I payed a lot of money to learn that writing isn't my forte. I am not sure if I should use my hurt and dismay to quit writing all together and focus on art, or if i should use my rejection to fuel an attempt to write an awesome novel that proves everyone wrong? I'm not sure yet. 

Before my starting my writing class, I had just given up trying to read 50 shades of Grey.

 It was such a terrible book! And the bitch is making millions off of it. I see people on Facebook posting how great it is -- it's infuriating! The sex scenes were too outrageous to be arousing. I think I have already ranted about this book so I won't dwell on it again. But God, If women like this book, they have never had an orgasm before, and the author has obviously never had an orgasm either.

I have the utmost respect for most writers, It's a hard thing to do, creating worlds and stories that capture peoples imaginations.
But Snooki and Lauren Conrad are published Authors!! the publishing world is a tad out of control right now. They are becoming as bad as the record industry -- talent is the least important aspect when signing someone.

Sooo, maybe there's hope for me yet...

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