Tuesday, August 21, 2012

If you have a vagina, you need to vote. If you love vagina, you need to vote.

Personally, I hate politics. I am disheartened by it all, but, I still vote. Many people think that voting doesn't do anything, and, while that may be true for electing a President, It does help to vote for propositions and such. 

I live in California, a place that some may consider a very liberal State. I thought it was liberal until we had to vote on Proposition 8, which was nicknamed Prop H8TE since, if it passed, same sex marriage would not be legal....and guess what, it passed!  

Actually, I wasn't too surprised that it passed because a few days before the polls, I was protesting Prop 8 and people were driving by calling us "perverts" and yelling other hate towards us. Now, I don't mind be called a pervert, never have, but I couldn't believe that there was so much hate in the world. Why do they care so much?

And the point of this blog is just that. There are so many haters in this world, and guess what? They absolutely love to vote and they get giddy over taking peoples rights away. Misery loves company and if a man is too afraid to come out of the closet, he will be certain to vote for taking rights away from brave homosexuals who are living their life the way they want. If a woman let a man force her into having the baby he impregnated her with, she will vote to make sure every other women has to give up their dreams and have babies they do not want, or do not care for. 

"If I am miserable, you should be too!" - That's what needs to be printed on the dollar bill instead of "In God We Trust". God is just the ruse they use to try and make everyone as unhappy as them.

Now, before I get into god and all that malarky, one point I want to make is about the "haters" voting.

Take the Chick-fil-a hoopla that happened this year. People waited in lines for a stupid chicken sandwich, just to support hate. That gives you an idea of what happens when something that has to do with civil rights is on the ballot. Voting is free, when it's time to vote on the issues, the haters will be out in droves. 

The people indifferent to gay rights and voting, will not help the cause, because it doesn't involve them and they don't vote anyways. But we need the indifferent people to get out there and vote for equal rights, just to protect rights in general. Please vote, because one day you may have your rights taken from you....the politicians really are on a mission to take away any rights that aren't involved in a fantasy Christian, bible thumping world.

Now women's reproductive rights are on the political agenda. These old fuckers, who complain about welfare and crime, insist on forcing women to have their unwanted babies....babies that usually grow up to be criminals raised on welfare. It's so infuriating. And they also want rape victims to be forced to have the children of their rapist?! Imagine, being a woman and having to look at your child everyday, your child who looks just like the asshole who violated you. They want the women to suffer for the rest of their lives! Raising a kid is a longer sentence than a convicted rapist will get.

I've heard the argument: "rape shouldn't be cured with murder of innocents".
Uhm, okay. So we'll let the rapist spread his seed to innocent women....imagine the hard-on that will give the fucking creep..it will probably entice more slime balls to rape.

And also, if an embryo is a living, innocent creature that we should all respect and nurture....why would anyone force the person who wanted the baby dead, to have it against her will? What life will that make for the child?

I really hate having to reiterate my stance on abortion all the time, and I am sure if there is someone who has read a large amount of my blogs, they are tired of it also. Abortion isn't my favorite topic but it boggles my mind that people would like to take that right away. 

They don't want women to have abortions, they don't want us to use birth control; they just want us to be barefoot and pregnant so that we can stay home and men can be "in control" again....we gotta stop reverting back to the dark ages.

Argh! I am so frustrated! I better just stop now, but people, please vote for women's rights! Especially if you are a women, we need to have control over our own bodies!

And if you think rape victims shouldn't be allowed abortions, I pray to your Lord that someone rapes you in the ass and nine months later you shit out a demon baby that you are forced to raise. Amen.

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