Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm balding and have West Nile Virus. How's your day going?

Saturday morning I woke up with a terrible hangover. I could barely move, I was barfing, and I wanted to die. I went outside, laid on the concrete and wished for deaths sweet embrace. But death didn't come and greet me like I prayed for, instead, my parents showed up ready to do some serious yard work in the 100 degree weather.

While I reluctantly feigned yard work, I decided that I was in no condition whatsoever to go to the wedding I had been invited to, which, if I were going, I had to be ready for in an hour. So I sent a text to one of the bridesmaids and informed her, that, although I adore watching two people in love involve the government into their relationship, I would have to skip this one because my hangover was not going to be leaving anytime soon. Well, she told the bride about me staying home, and then I felt bad so I decided I should go. The last time I missed a party because I was hungover, the person died a few days later and I felt pretty bad that I missed their celebration due to my debauchery.

So I threw on my gray shawl, and headed to the wedding...

It was actually quite beautiful. The ceremony was held in the mountains in a forest setting, despite me being so sick, and not the social butterfly I usually am at these sort of things, I really enjoyed the setting. 

I got to see Blue Jays, and an Eagle swoop up above. I had wished I brought my camera or at least gotten stoned so I could really appreciate the scenery, but all in all I was thankful that I got my debilitated ass up and celebrated love.

And then a mosquito bit me three times.

Now, I am not sure if you are aware, but as of now, West Nile Virus  is again breaking out all over North America in record numbers. Since Monday, I have had a minor headache and have been itchy...two symptoms, but starting tomorrow I am going to not have anymore pills in my system so I'll be able to pinpoint where my symptoms are stemming from.

Now to my baldness...

I had a dream last night that I was going bald, it made me scared. I woke up this morning thinking that I had West Nile Virus and that I was going bald, I hate mornings like that and I just wanted to get it off of my chest. 

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