Sunday, August 7, 2011

delirium tremens

delirium tremens

  [tree-muhnz, -menz]  Show IPA
noun Pathology .
a withdrawal syndrome occurring in persons who have developedphysiological dependence on alcohol, characterized by tremor,visual hallucinations, and autonomic instability. Abbreviation:  d.t.

when people asked me if i had d.t.'s i figured it had something to do with shaking from alcohol withdrawal, but nothing as scary as autonomic instability and hallucinations. for some reason i always assumed that detoxing from alcohol wouldn't be a big deal.  

anywho, i woke up with a hangover this morning and thought that i would look up hangovers in a thesaurus. and this was the result:

Main Entry:hangover
Part of Speech:noun
Definition:result of heavy drinking
Synonyms:DTs, aftereffect, big head, delirium tremens,drunkenness,
headache, morning after, shakes,under the weather, willies, 


i love that the antonym is sobriety, it seems so obvious now 

but for some reason when i pray to the lord above and ask 
her to never let me have a hangover again, sobriety never 
pops into my head as a solution.

incidentally, i have a hangover helper for those that aren't 

afraid to try a weird junk food combination; pickles and 
hot cheetos with a 7up/alkaseltzer chaser.

here's what you do: take a bite of pickle (not kosher) and 

then throw a hot cheeto in your mouth and eat it together. 
you will be surprised by how much they compliment each 
other. i follow up the cheeto/pickle meal with a large 7up 
with ice and an alkaseltzer dissolved inside.

 your hangover will not be cured....but you feel soooo 

much better. the actually cure for a hangover is beer....lots 
and lots of beer. 

and now i shall post the hangover inspired painting i did today:
i thought of a kewpie doll with pubic hair and bags under his
eyes....coz no matter how cute you once...were the bags 
and hair appear.

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