Monday, October 1, 2012

It's October! I can hardly contain myself!

     Fuck January, I am going to use the beautiful month of October to make a new start in my life. For instance, one thing I have decided to do is resume my blog! Yes, my fans, I know so many of you were distraught at my absence, but I am back. I figure, since I would someday like to be paid writer, I should practice writing everyday, even if it is just my idiotic ramblings, practice is practice. On that note, my goal is to also create comics for warped minds to enjoy, so I need to do maybe two a week, and also practice drawing, because I really need help in that area.

As you can see from my comic above, I need all the practice I can get. Let's see, what other changes towards my betterment did I decide to do? Oh yeah! I am going to finally get serious about losing weight. I have been fat for about five years now, and I think I am finally sick of it! (I think).

Hmm, for self improvement I think those are the only things I decided to work on, now let me share with you why October is such a wonderful month.

Halloween! I adore Halloween and all it entails. I actually love it so much that I keep decorations up year round, luckily my loving boyfriend doesn't give me any crap about it. 

The horror movies! In October, many channels play more horror flicks than usual during the month, and the week of Halloween it's like a beautiful horror orgy! I love it. 

The weather! I actually live in the desert so it's not so much beautiful fall colors and stuff, it's just, tolerable weather, instead of the excruciating heat of the summer. 

Welp, I guess that's everything. I am really looking forward to this being a great month...did i just jinx myself?

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