Thursday, September 22, 2011

look at the purdy clouds...

this is a pretty picture i snapped outside of my life sucking office. the picture was taken with my phone so although it looks purdy damn cool if i do say so myself, it really doesn't do nature justice.
     nature is such a beautiful amazing thing, i cannot believe that man's first urge is to rape it and ruin it's beauty for future generations. under the clouds in the picture above are some very nice mountains but i chose to leave them out of the frame because they are surrounded by power lines. i am obviously using power to write this blog, more power than i need actually coz my office mate LOVES to waste energy; she has the air conditioner on full blast then leaves the door open or covers up in a blanket. the weather today would be perfectly tolerable with a fan. but when i suggest that, she politely tries to live without the air on, then an hour complains of the heat and turns it back on. anyways i digress, this isn't a rant on my office mate, i just wanted to point out that sometimes conservation is out of your hands. and most people just don't give a shit about anything but themselves.
     the year is 2011, almost 2012. people still wear fur, they do not recycle, and they could give a shit about finding sources of renewable energy. how can a species with such strong brain power be so selfish and closed minded? i live in california for cripes sake, i cannot even imagine living in middle america. my california town is just as bad as middle america actually but open minded cities aren't too far a drive away so there is an escape possible when needed. my family personally has no emotion for animals. pets, yes. after many years some of them have developed a small sense of compassion for their pets.
     on a hike last week, my cousin and i walked our usual route that recently caught on fire. it barely missed the lone house that sits on the bottom of the hill. we commented on how scary that would be if that was your house; because the surrounding mountain was completely charred. but then i thought, fuck those people. so many poor animals lost their homes in that fire. there is always rabbits, sometimes cows, roadrunners, lizards, lots of squirrels running past us the whole time and a lot of them were displaced due to that fire.
     i recently read bill bryson's A Walk in the Woods which was a hilarious book but also very depressing because bryson talks about the history of the killing off of animals and trees and idiotic introduction of new species without study of their effects.
      i must stop this rant, it could go on for days. let me just end this saying humans suck.

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