Wednesday, September 28, 2011

i value beer over babies

i don't want to be pregnant. whenever i see a pregnant woman, i feel bad for her for sooo many reasons. they can't drink, smoke, do drugs; they might do it anyways but they aren't supposed to. i can't even give up beer for a week because of the medication i am supposed to take. i would hate the emotional battle of not having beer because of a poor defenseless creature growing inside of me.
     recently, i have noticed a commercial asking women if they took any antidepressants while pregnant and if the baby ended up having a birth defect. it's mind numbing to me that someone with depression issues would even consider having a child. are the pills that good? i suppose so. i just think common sense would have someone realize if they cannot handle this thing called life without being medicated, bringing a child into this world is not the child, or society.
     every now and then i think babies are cute, i don't like too many kids, their personalities are too developed and it just reminds me of all the morons in the world, chuck palahniuk has a great quote that i shall add here: goddammit i can't find it. it was basically about millions of stupid people fucking and making more stupid people. i personally feel the wrong people are breeding. i know a common thing is to gripe about how you need a license to fish and drive, but not to have children, but it's so true. you would think it would be nice for someone to pass an exam or something, maybe pay a small fee. it's a slippery slope to let government start controlling that type of thing....even though they want to control whether people can terminate a pregnancy, marry who they want and also sell their body; i mean, the list goes on and on.
     my biggest fear of getting pregnant is since i am a hypochondriac, i feel i would constantly worry about a miscarriage or still birth. i worry about that when i know someone who is pregnant. and the worry involved with raising a child is so consuming i do not want to bother with it. i was taken aback the other day when i was watching a reality show and the pregnant woman said that she had no idea the worry involved in pregnancy or raising a child. good grief, most people probably assume it's a piece of cake and that's why so many people are having kids and fucking up the world, one little baby at a time.

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