Thursday, November 3, 2011

bugs and germs are scary

i am watching the val kilmer thriller "the thaw". i am approximately half way through the film and it is not especially good; but i am still frightened. contagious disease freak me the fuck out. nasty bugs freak me out. this movie combines two major fears of mine. outbreak, cabing fever, old school zombie movies; the fact that some gross persons germs can kill me or make me deteriorate is scarrrry. 

most humans do not cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough. the majority do not wash their hands. eww. is it that time consuming to wash your hands? too laborious an ordeal to lift your hand or arm to your mouth to prevent germs from spreading when coughing? i would be repulsed if one day an ugly person coughed near me on the bus and a day later i am diagnosed with some sort of plague; if a good looking person gave me the plague i would be less repulsed. face it people, we are judged by looks.

bugs scare me and i think they are nasty. spiders are okay, i think they look cool and i also believe it is bad luck to kill them, but i will if necessary. for instance, a black widow or brown recluse (i am mexican and when i grow up i would like to be a hermit, so technically i would be a brown recluse). this past halloween weekend i saw a black widow that i didn't kill because i assumed it was bad luck to kill one so close to halloween. i was going to terminate him after the holiday but the bastard, pardon me, i mean bitch, is missing. so naturally i feared for the safety of my two chihuahuas and one of my cats. turns out i should have been worried all along. i have since seen two more giant black widows, one i killed, the other hid too swiftly for my reflexes. well, now that i know my house, yard and garage are stupid with these deadly creatures, my weekend goal is to be the "exterminator" (said like arnold) and rid my territory of them. below is the rascally fella that i regretfully let live.

it is winter right now. i just got over the summer of waterbugs. in the southern california desert areas, warm summer nights bring about many waterbugs. they like to cool themselves on the concrete, in the grass. i don't know if they hibernate during the winter, i am just thankful that they are MIA. i refuse to post a picture of a waterbug. it's a chinese cockroach. look it up if you want to barf. also i detest silverfish and crickets.

cockroaches are the scariest of them all, their almondy tone and long antennas. that's all i care to drag up in my memory, it's almost bedtime and i have freaked myself out good enough; i feel things crawling on my legs and am sure to have night terrors.

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