Tuesday, November 8, 2011

we don't all get a fair shake

some people are lucky. plain and simple. they are raised in a lovely home that they do not have to be embarrassed of. offered various classes to create a well rounded personality. given the financial support to go to college. i don't want to be a hater, i wish i were that lucky. i've just met various people who believe that everyone has a fair chance due to things like scholarships, financial aid and other programs that cater to the less fortunate.

the above comic came from an actual family i would often see in my local market. first off i live in small uncultured town so the young pudgy girl has that going against her. the second and most detrimental is her parents. the mother is obese, the dad looks like a skinny meth head and they are both riding "rascal" scooters around town.
i suppose the mother rides one because she is obese, and maybe the father has a serious problem. i am just assuming that it is laziness that drives them to use the rascals (no pun intended). what they buy at the store is cigarettes, soda and chips. the girl, is always wearing a dirt scuffed sweatshirt with matching pants and a bike helmet, presumably to avoid injury whilst riding on her parents lap around town. so my theory is that this young child has no chance at all. her parents do not promote hygiene, a healthy diet or exercise. so i find it hard to fathom that they might encourage scholastic attainments. i have a good hunch that the television is on constantly and lord only knows what type of  mindless dribble they choose to watch.

now, i may be mistaken. they might be a family of culture and refinement when behind closed doors; but i doubt it. i do not wish to point out all of these peoples possible flaws just because i want to ride my high horse. i just feel so bad for the girl because it seems she is going to have such an uphill battle towards success. and who knows, she may be so far from hope that she will never care and just be another dumb happy slob.

but aren't there too many dumb happy slobs in the united states already?

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