Wednesday, November 16, 2011

i got no taste but i still got crunch.

the old woman in this comic is saying "check out the fuselage on that one" as she elbows her near comatose friend.
i have a very high sex drive. i wonder if when i am an old woman i will lose my desire all the way, or just a little bit. when i was a young child i constantly had crushes on famous people and people i knew. the only reason i went to school was to see my crushes. in elementary i had a few guys i liked in my class and once i hit jr high i had at least one in each class, plus crushes in my friends classes, lunch time crushes. thank god i walked to school and didn't ride a bus.

even today at the grocery store i happened to see a guy i had a crush on in high school. we didn't know each other back then (11 yrs ago). but i would say about 4 years ago i started hanging out with him sporadically due to mutual friends. well, he is married with children and therefore off limits (plus his wife is gorgeous and nice) but one party we finally got to talking and out of no where he just kissed me on the cheek. i know what you're thinking: "big deal a kiss on the cheek". but it wasn't just any kiss on the cheek, it was a drunken one! lol, i don't care what you think, that kiss made my day. i think we have this unspoken lust for each other that if it was ever set free we would be getting freaky! haha, i am serious, you shoulda seen his face when he recognized me today.

 okay, maybe he didn't care about seeing me, but can't i pretend? i must say, the last person i thought secretly longed for me as i did him; we got dirty freaky.

so i hope my lust surpasses my growing old, and if it doesn't, kill me now.

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