Monday, November 7, 2011

i can't believe dr. conrad murray killed that poor white woman.

so today dr. conrad murray was found guilty of killing michael jackson. everyone is happy that he was found guilty but i am not. if i ever turn rich i do not want doctors to be afraid of keeping me loaded. if i desire to have so many drugs in me that i am incapacitated, i should have that right. i mean really, if someone wants to escape the drudgery of everyday life that bad; maybe we are better off without them. mother nature would appreciate a carbon footprint stopped short. too bad mj was almost completely man made materials....i assume his body causes the same environmental problems as a 24 pack of bottled water.

it is frustrating to me that no one is held responsible for their own actions. there is this thing called survival of the fittest. it's a handy function of darwinism. in order for a race to evolve , the weak and stupid must die off. but of course the human race will not let that happen. not at all! instead we must provide rules for the stupid and weak so that they do not self destruct; so they can breed more fragile idiots. you have to wear your seat belts, don't overdose on drugs, no euthanasia, pro life; the list goes on.

i am currently taking doctor prescribed diet pills. i know the pills are bad for me. i know the doctor is shady. i am willing to accept the consequences. so should the doctor get in trouble? i looked far and wide for a doctor who would prescribe me pills a  "good" doctor wouldn't. so i believe michael jackson searched for a doctor that would keep him in propofol. actually i just read a bit of an article and it said he was turned down by others in the medical field.

so dr. conrad murray is a creep. so was michael jackson. everyone is making jackson out to be some kind of musical hero, and his death is a great loss. i admit, jackson had a good long streak; but that ended in the early nineties. i wasn't aware of what was "behind the curtain" at neverland ranch, but just from the look of michael, the alleged molestation and the fact that he was drugged most of the time, he seemed highly unstable and terribly unfit to raise children. so the kids may have gotten lucky on this one.

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