Thursday, November 17, 2011

i've had an epiphany!

so, as i was doing one of my mindless daily rituals, i realized something; i cannot go on randomly babbling  in my blog. i must add research to my babble. it will make a better world for us all!

don't douse me with accolades immediately, i still have to get my lazy ass to doing research. what i'm saying is, it may not happen. i may continue to sit in front of my laptop every night and wing it. but at least now i have a goal to actually plan and think out what i will write about. maybe i'll even illustrate a few things specifically on topic.

ah goals, they make a person feel good don't they? then you do not achieve said goal and you feel like a giant, steaming pile of shit that is worthless and should be buried.

i bid you adieu!

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