Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hey Dr Dre, is that a Tupac hologram? Or are you just happy to be relevant?

Hopefully this video I posted is decent, I really don't feel like sitting through it to make sure. Everyone seems to be talking about this Tupac hologram, so I decided to say my piece on the whole debacle, because so far, all I have heard is praise and awe.

I get it. Tupac is still one of the most beloved rappers ever. He was good looking, and seemed smart as a sexy, dangerous thug could be. The fact that he was taken from us in his prime only adds to his legend.

I haven't heard any accusations come up that Tupac wasn't the thug that he portrayed in his look and in his music. Maybe because he died from a drive by, people are just happy to believe he was what he said he was. Now, Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre has a very different reputation proceeding them.

I used to like Snoop and Dr Dre. they made good music......emphasis on the word "made". And really, I don't care if my rappers are "street" or not. I enjoy a good song. But I do hate sell outs and most who are revered in today's society.

Eminem was sucking all over Dr Dre's asshole in his last album (which i thought was terrible, but who am I anyway?) and Snoop Dogg is clinging to Whiz Kalifah's young balls with his life. 

So, now that I have collected my thoughts, the reason the Tupac Hologram which appeared at the Coachella Festivle this year bothers me so, is that, it was a desperate attempt for two old sycophants to get into the spot light again. 

Just like when my favorite, Eazy (muthafuckin) E died, Snoop and Dre exploited that mans memory in a pathetic attempt to sell a "New NWA" album. Which, thank god, tanked.
Easy E didn't like Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg. But, when Easy E was on his deathbed, he made amends with Dr Dre. From what I have heard of deathbeds, you tend to make amends with anyone who is willing. You're about to meet your maker for cripes sake, why not forgive? 
Anyways, Dr Dre announced the reconciliation and decided to start the New NWA. Basically he went to Easy E's deathbed with an agenda to make money, not visit an old dying friend.

So, now they will milk tupac's memory as much as possible, and everyone will buy it. What a beautiful world we live in.

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