Wednesday, April 4, 2012

if everyone already wants to bone you, just be happy with yourself

Here is what Lara Flynn Boyle looks like these days.

This is what she used to look like. 

Now. Let me point out the fact that she did not become less attractive due to age. It has been about a 13 year difference between the two photos, but it still seems the poor woman, who is obviously afraid of not being attractive,  has become less attractive due to procedures that she has requested. She is not full of wrinkles; her face is just misshapen, which to me, is worse than wrinkles.....isn't it?

And here is Rose McGowan's before and after. Rose is in her late thirties right now, but she kind of looks older due to her plastic surgery.

I understand that when you age and stay thin, your face looks older due to lack of fat. So one way to  battle that problem is to have fat injected into your face to have a fresh, younger look. I just wonder if some people get so addicted to having fat injected in their face, they cannot stop before they start to look like old bloated alcoholics....or maybe, they have just received the perfect amount of fat injections...and they're alcoholism has pushed it over the top.

That mystery might never be solved. It's kind of like the whole "what came first, the chicken or the egg" conundrum.

the new age conundrum is "Which is better? Wrinkles or a misshapen face?"

Jennifer Aniston is in her early forties and I think she looks pretty good. I am sure she has had work done, but she isn't a weird caricature of herself. I think Lara and Jennifer are around the same age.

Marisa Tomei is in her late forties, and i think she still looks good. If you are a beautiful young women; you leave your face alone, you become a beautiful older women, despite wrinkles.

I don't want to get old. I don't want wrinkles. I may, once i hit 40, decide to wear a phantom of the opera mask 24/7. I will probably get a few procedures if i could ever afford it. I just hope that when I do, I do not go over board. What a nightmare it would be if I scrimped and saved for procedures.....and I get too many so I have to wear a phantom of the opera mask around regardless?

Alright, it's decided. I will forgo expensive beauty treatments in the future. I will come to terms with the fact that I will wear the phantom mask after my 40th birthday, and spend the cash i would have on beauty treatments on sexy male prostitutes.

Or maybe i will wear a mask like Rorschach....

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