Monday, April 16, 2012

Who loves Richard Simmons? I love Richard Simmons!

Oh, Richard Simmons. How do I love thee? Let me count thy ways:

Okay, I don't feel like counting the specific ways that Richard Simmons brings joy into my life. I would rather post a bunch of amazing pictures and talk about his awesome "Slimmons" studio in Beverly Hills.

 First and foremost, Mr. simmons has been taking the funniest diet pictures since the seventies.

I think that most people just consider Richard some freak who doesn't realize how he is viewed. I disagree. I think Richard knows exactly how he is perceived, he just likes to act naive so that it remains super funny.

Even if he is oblivious to the worlds view of him, I am just glad that he is the way he is. He truly makes me happy when I see a photo of him; he never disappoints.

He has a workout studio in Beverly Hills, I have been once and although I was working out, I had a smile on my face the entire time. It is amazing. He wears great outfits, and acts like a total freak during the workout. He will turn the music down while everyone is working out and say something perverted like " I want to lick you". He does that kind of thing sporadically throughout the session. Towards the end, he has everyone get into a circle, then he singles people out to dance with him one on one. If it is a dude, he usually takes their shirt off while dancing, unless they are chunky, then he leaves their shirt on. He doesn't want to embarrass anyone (except for himself lol).

The workout is so fun and it has all ranges of fitness and age. When I found out his studio was in Beverly Hills, I was a bit intimidated, dreading that it would be full of anorexic beauties, but it wasn't like that at all. There was older people, big people, young and small. People with limited mobility were welcome, and sat on a chair while doing arm movements. 

Here is the link for Slimmons:

One thing that bums me out is that Tia and Tamara recently went to Slimmons, which, I am sure was for their reality tv show.

I realize it will be great for Richard, but I fear once the episode of Slimmons airs, it will be nearly impossible to catch a class without lining up hours ahead. At least for a few months. Ugh, oh well. I am hoping to go either this weekend or next. I can't wait to see the lovely outfit he will be wearing.




Or what crazy things he'll do.

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