Monday, April 23, 2012

When Kanye and Kim have a baby, let's club it, then skin it alive! I'm sure it's skin will make a cool hat.

Look at these smug assholes wearing the fur of poor defenseless animals. I really wish someone would at the very least take a wood shaver to them at least once so that they can have some inkling of what they are doing to animals in the name of fashion and status. 

It seems that fur is making a comeback, which is truly despicable. It's not like the people wearing fur are caveman in need of warmth during extreme weather. It's rich assholes whom have every comfort available to them. 

I used to watch Ice Loves Coco, but that bitch Coco wears fur, so I am done with that imbecilic show. I like to watch mentally disabled people do stupid stuff to entertain me, but not if they do it while wearing fur.

Another show I have given up on is Fashion Police. Joan rivers wears fur, and for a while I was gonna let it go because she is so old, and grew up in a less humane era. But I can't let it go any longer. No one on Fashion Police has voiced any opinion on people wearing fur, it might be due to the fact that the host, Joan, is a fur wearing cunt. Whatever the reason I will boycott that show also. 
The first show I banned from my own viewing was Johnny Weirs reality show on Logo. I love the gays, but refuse to be a fan of someone who wears fur. It's an unnecessary evil.

A person who wears fur in a disgusting, self-important creep that needs to be knocked off of their pedestal.

If anyone is wondering what is wrong with the fur trade, look it up yourself, I cannot stomach it.

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