Monday, April 2, 2012

When things fall apart.

My biggest fear is to grow to a very old 70. I cannot imagine that my looming death wouldn't consume my every thought. Especially once my body starts deteriorating. Today i talked to an older gentlemen about his wife's recent fall where she cracked her pelvis. When he went to the hospital to pick her up, he fainted and they held him there for three days. It is depressing when you, yourself is falling apart, but when you and your companion start to both fall apart simultaneously, how do you go on? I assume i will be huddled in a corner, telling the grim reaper to get it over with and put me out of my misery. 

   I suppose having someone to grow old with is a lot better then trying to find a consort once your body has already started to fall apart.
But even with the emotional support of another who is going through he same stuff as you, getting old is still the worst.

I know death with be constantly on my mind once i am a senior citizen. Death is on my mind a lot during my thirties. Maybe hypochondriacs are spared a long life.....or maybe they live long lives despite their fears. Howard Stern mentioned his uncle that was always certain he was going to die, and lived a very long life....and died in his sleep!

Oh, to die peacefully in sleep. What i wouldn't give! Knowing my luck, i will die a slow, painful death. Oh well. 

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