Friday, April 6, 2012

Talk to your children about birth control options....please!

I do not have any children, nor have I ever had to have an abortion. I have been on birth control, off and on since I was a freshman in high school. My parents put me on birth control as soon as they found out I was dating. 

Most parents feel that if they talk to their children about birth control or condoms, they are giving them permission to have sex. Some children may  misconstrue birth control as a free pass to have sex....but really, those kids are most likely the type to have sex whether given "permission" or not.

I was put on birth control when i was 15, and didn't lose my virginity until i was 19. Maybe it was because i was shy, or that i had not met anyone I deemed worthy to take my virginity, but looking back, I think that going on birth control before I was sexually active taught me that sex was a serious matter, not to be taken lightly.

When a parent talks to their child about sex, it's going to be awkward, for both parties involved, but you have to do it. When I would watch movies with my mom, if something sexual occurred, she would explain it to me. At the time I would of rather she didn't, but looking back I am glad she did. My dad would talk to me about boys and what they really wanted. I am sure that was really hard for him, but he did it anyways and because he did, I don't get played, I am the player.

Young people are going to have sex if they want to. Abstinence doesn't work. Instead of keeping children in the dark about sex, we should at least educate them so that hopefully they will use protection.

I was watching 16 and pregnant the other day, and the young girl said that she didn't use a condom because she was embarrassed to ask the guy if he had one. She wasn't embarrassed to sleep with him, just embarrassed to ask him about using protection. Perhaps if her mom would have talked to her about prophylactics, it would have taken some of the embarrassment away.

Bristol Palin had a baby in her teens and then started an abstinence campaign. Is middle America that stupid? Or does everyone consider it the joke that it is? Many American religious people are just backwards and terrible. They teach abstinence and when that doesn't work and a young girl ends up pregnant, they guilt her into having the child. Then they complain that welfare and crime is out of control. It makes me so angry!

Most people use condoms for fear of pregnancy, it's astounding how many could care less about sexually transmitted diseases. When I watch a trash talk show like Maury, I am baffled by how many woman let a number of men ejaculate inside them. Is no one afraid of HIV or herpes? I sure the fuck know I am! I am Ms. condom. Don't get me wrong, I have had some drunken moments when I wasn't protected. But that is rare, for the most part I always have some, I give em out. I once went to the river with a bunch of condoms; but no sunblock

but a sunburn goes away, herpes are forever...

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