Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What a drag.

Welp, we are down to the last three of Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 4. On Monday, April 23rd we will find who will be the Winnah!

I pray to the sweet lord above that it is not Phi Phi O'hara.

She is petty, and oh, so boring! The only thing that is mildly interesting about her is that she has so much drama backstage; which she starts coz she has a shitty attitude and takes everything personal. And honestly, the drama she starts is also uninteresting. It bothers me that she is in the top three because it gives her validation that she doesn't deserve. 

I would have loved if Latrice Royale would have been top three.

She had personality. Although she may have needed work on make up application, I think of all the big girls from Drag Race, Latrice best dressed her full figure.

The other two who remain in the race are Sharon Needles and Chad Michaels.

Chad Michals is an obviously seasoned Queen. I really like her, and wanted her in the top three, and maybe if Sharon Needles wasn't in the running, Chad would get my vote. 

But, alas, Ms. Needles is in the running and I hope she wins! She has a good look, is sharp minded and funny. I think of all the girls this Season, she would be Ru's best choice as winner. She brings something different to the table and also has a fun/smart personality. 

So we will find out in a week who Ru Paul chooses. If it is Phi Phi O'hara, I will have lost all faith in Ru Paul.

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