Tuesday, April 3, 2012

i kind of feel like murdering someone might make me feel better.

My frustration with my pathetic life has finally come to a boiling point. I hate everyone and wish i could just take out my frustrations on everyone. Even though all of my problems come from my own actions. 

For instance, my house is a literal pig sty due to a party i had on saturday....today is tuesday.

I was so hungover from the shindig, that I was basically incapacitated the entire day on Sunday. The only time I moved from the couch was to regurgitate any food or drink I managed to ingest during my hangover.

So, therefore no cleaning was done Sunday. On Monday, i came to work, running close to late as always, when my coworker reminded me that I was supposed to have Jury duty. I zoomed out of the office, found my paperwork and called the Courthouse on my way there. Luckily they didn't need me to come in that day. 

Monday night, I tried to clean around my boyfriend and animals, but it was so frustrating, i just went to bed. 

The only thing worse than  having to clean around my couch potato boyfriend, is him, helping me clean. 

Here's the score this Beautiful Tuesday:

My house is filthy
My boyfriend doesn't work today, so tonight I will have to deal with him being there
I spent money i do not have on party snacks and alcohol
I wrote a check, for a ridiculous amount of sex toys I purchased at said party
I was running so late this morning i have no breakfast
There is a missing chihuahua in my neighborhood, and the sign makes me sad
A squirrel ran right in front of my car, forcing me to hit the breaks....and i was running late of course
I am ready to dump my boyfriend and send my pets to boarding school

And where will all this leave me?

A homeless woman, warming her hands on a trashcan fire, with a shopping cart of brand new sex toys.

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