Tuesday, March 27, 2012

my "Draw Something" confession:

This is embarrassing, but I have to tell someone; when I play Draw Something with my crush, I imagine they are drawing on me....it makes it quite erotic. As each stroke of color appears, I pretend i am being stroked. It's much better than reading a romance novel. But it is pathetic, I realize that.
Okay, so i thought after i confessed i would feel some sort of relief. But now i just feel stupid. Maybe i should say a couple "Hail Mary's" or whatever priest usually tell you to do so your sins can be absolved.

 now all I do is sit here and stare at my phone, waiting for my crush to draw something for me to guess. It's frustrating that other people have lives and aren't obsessed about you like you are with them. 

Maybe i should just tell my crush how i feel. 

I'm sure they feel the same. Then we can run into each others arms and live happily ever after.

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