Friday, February 3, 2012

am i the only that thinks breast implants are insane?

boobs are very nice. i think all sized have their own appeal. i for instance have freak show sized boobs. i don't know the exact size of them; i am too depressed about them to find out.

my breasts have made me popular, especially when i was in jr high and high school. in junior high, boys that i didn't even know would grab my chest, so did the ones that i did know. i never told on them because i was ashamed and didn't want to make a big deal about it. also, i did not want my dad to find out that i was being harassed because of my boobs.

in 8th grade phys ed, i couldn't do jumping jacks without being a spectacle to all the boys. they didn't hide the fact that they were all watching me do jumping jacks, and my obese lesbian p.e. teacher did  nothing to help the situation even though what was going on was obvious.

every time i visited my family, all my aunts would talk about how big my tits were. if i would date someone, everyone would say it was only because i had huge knockers. 

i really hated being so "bountiful" at such a young age. now that i am older, i have grown to appreciate my assets more, but sometimes i still get depressed and think i should join a freak show. but still, i would never want to get breast cancer and lose my boobs, i just always wished they were smaller.

so of course, i have a biased opinion on breast implants. i don't see how anyone could possible want enormous breasts, let alone pay to have them and risk complications.

breast enhancement surgery is improving every day. it seems like many great minds of medicine are focusing on how to improve breast implants instead of trying to cure cancer or herpes.

so to get a boob job these days, the risk doesn't seem that great. young girls, grow up and see more sophisticated looking fake breasts. i grew up in the decade of the "bolted on" boob jobs.

i am afraid of surgery of any kind. i am neurotic so i assume what ever can go wrong, will go wrong. my nose is crooked. i would love to have rhinoplasty to fix it, even make it a little smaller, but i think it's better not to tempt fate. so i shall keep my big crooked nose.

am i the only one who thinks it's insane to have foreign objects implanted into your body for aesthetics? 
to me it's mind boggling, but i also think that fake fingernails are also insane. actually gluing things to your fingertips to make them look prettier? seems weird.

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