Tuesday, February 7, 2012

what will they say about me when i die?

people say the nicest things after you die. i'm pretty sure it's all bullshit. there has been a few people which i have know, that passed away and during their life, they weren't the outrageously nice person that everyone is testifying to.

when i was in high school, i was at a high school football game and an acquaintance was singing the national anthem. it wasn't the best rendition, but i think it takes balls to go out in front of your high school and sing. well, there was a chick behind me trying to be cute to the two boys she was there with. so she was talking crap about the young lady who was singing. i merely turned and looked at her so she knew i was annoyed by her. and guess what she did; instead of trying talking shit to me like a respectable person, she put gum on the bleacher and i sat on it.

i assume you think it is funny that the chick made me sit on gum. maybe it was, but i didn't appreciate it. that happened back in my neanderthal days and that's probably why she did the sneaky thing instead of calling me out; coz i woulda beat her up good. but guess what ended up happening; she died a short while after the gum incident. story was that she was racing some friends on the way home from a club and i guess lost control. 

it was a terrible tragedy. i didn't want the girl to die and i wasn't happy that she was dead. but everyone talked as if she was the sweetest person that ever lived; like she died on the way home from feeding the homeless or working with the lepers. i mean, i am sure i was not the only person in the school who had a bad interaction with her. or was i?

when i die, will i be held up with the same regard as say, mother teresa?

that'd be cool. everyone will forget when i stole their boyfriend, or when i cast aspersions against them. 

recently this chick died that frequented a local dive bar i used to go to a lot. i am not sure how she died but everyone is talking about how nice she  is and what a great person, blah, blah, blah. and of course she didn't like me. once she caught her boyfriend talking about my boobs.

he didn't actually grab them, he just gestured towards them and was talking about them. when his wife came up and asked him what he was doing i just walked away. now, please keep in mind, i have freak show sized breasts, so they are usually, at some point, the topic of discussion. 

another time, the girl started shit with me, but i couldn't do anything because my cousin asked me not to since he was having babies with her sister in law. so he didn't want us to fight.

so on facebook they are making this dead women seem like an angel; "the nicest person they have ever met". is it just me? i bring out the pettiness of all the nicest people in the world? maybe so. 

but if there are so many nice people in the world, why is the world so fucked up? is it because the nicest people always die before they can do good? i think not. 

when i die i hope that people talk all the shit they were saying when i was still alive! i don't think it is wrong to talk bad about the dead, if they wanted to be remembered as a good person, god dammit, they should have been a good person in their life.

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