Wednesday, February 15, 2012

who the (bleep) did i marry?!

i am watching some recorded episodes of the I.D. channel's show: who the (bleep) did i marry. have you ever seen it? i love it.!

so far, on most of the episodes of love gone bad, the couple is referred to as "barbie and ken" ladies, if you are in a perfect barbie and ken relationship....get out now!! don't look back! the man is evil!

there is the old adage: if it's too good to be true, it probably is.

but another thing i have noticed is there were little hints here and there. but i assume all relationships have little red flags....don't they?

i am anti-marriage. i just think it is silly to tie your life to someone just because you love them. it's not the fifties, we have women's lib. why must we involve paperwork. oh yeah, the smart involve paperwork to get the same benefits as their spouse, or to get a good chunk of their money after the divorce.

i am totally pro gay marriage. i believe everyone should have equal rights. but really, i hate marriage all together and think it should be abolished. it's not necessary anymore, people as individuals can and should be able to take care of themselves.

the stories of love gone bad on who the (bleep) did i marry aren't stories of whirlwind romances. a lot of the women were engaged for a while before things went sour. or, they were married a long time before they discovered the monster they had trusted. 

what's a relationship if you can't evolve? but also, what's worse than falling in love with someone who you think that you know; but you have no idea about the real person they are. that's some scary shit. 

so hopefully, when your marriage comes to it's bitter end; it's not because your spouse ended up being a psychotic killer, it's because he is a lazy harmless neanderthal.

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