Tuesday, February 21, 2012

fat tuesday? more like fat everday.

i am definitely not religious, but technically speaking, i guess i am categorized as catholic, since i was baptized as such. i was thinking that it would be kind of a lark to give up my pesctarianism for lent. now, the reason it is supposed to be funny is because during lent, at least on friday's, the faithful give up meat. so i would be giving up, giving up meat! get it? oh well, i think it's funny.

i wanted to go to church on wednesday and do the whole bit with the ash cross on my forehead, to make it all the more blasphemous, but i don't know, it seems like a lot of work. there is a catholic church right down the street from my house (it's actually where i was baptized) but i believe it is a spanish speaking church. i guess it doesn't matter what language it is since i don't really care what the priest has to say anyway.

so today i guess i gotta live it up right? before lent. get crazy with the vegetables before i am forced to eat meat of poor defenseless animals. actually, i need to lose weight so i think it will be beneficial for me to eat grilled chicken for a month to start off my weight loss.

i'm kind of addicted to weight loss shows, not really the fattest loser (biggest loser) but all the other ones i can find. anyway, they always make the fatsos eat grilled chicken. it looks so good an i miss it so much.

another thing i must do to drop some lb's is, i must cut back drastically on my alcohol intake. now, that will be a very hard thing to accomplish. i am not gonna quite altogether mind you, but i have to add it into my daily calories, and unless i skip a meal, alcohol isn't really gonna fit into the game plan.

i suppose i am doomed to fail and be overweight forever. but a girl can dream can't she?

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