Thursday, February 9, 2012

i'm not always angry

i am a misanthrope, but there are a few humans that make me terribly happy. that sad thing is, they are all people that most of the human race has contempt for: woody allen, r kelly and howard stern.

 i understand why many find woody allen despicable. he was married to mia farrow, adopted a bunch of children with her, and then fell in love with their adopted daughter.

i  haven't read mia farrows book, but i heard that she describes the the way woody allen acted around soon yi; and it's pretty fucking creepy.

i wish i didn't support the career of an alleged pedophile, but i do. some of my favorite movies are woody allen flicks: a midsummer night's sex comedy, hannah and her sisters, another woman, crimes and misdemeanors, mighty aphrodite, everyone says i love you, deconstructing harry, small time crooks, hollywood ending, anything else, match point, scoop, vicki christina barcelona, you will meet a tall dark stranger, midnight in paris,and my absolute favorite movie of all time, whatever works.

boris yellnikoff is the main character in the movie. he is so hilarious. it's great, even riding a bicycle gets him on a tirade against society.

most of woody allen movies speak to me, and i appreciate that his films are the few movies made these days that have impressive dialogue. some probably think it's pretentious to have a lot of big or uncommon words in a movie, but if you love words as much as i do, you don't see it as pretension, you just appreciate how wonderful it is. i think a lot of explosions in a movie is pretentious. so there.

so, r kelly urinated on a fifteen year old. girl. i know that is bad. but i have also known some very sexually mature fifteen year olds. i guess men like to give golden showers because they get off on humiliating women, which i think is lame. r kelly was pretty stupid for recording it. i don't approve of his behavior, but he has a lot of funny songs and his double up album was probably one of the most incredibly funny albums i have ever heard in my life.

leave your name is such a hilarious song. he basically tells a story about a crazy night out, and it's pretty great, but the chorus is his voice mail message:

[Chorus 1]
Leave your name right after the beep and I'm
Sure to get back with you
If I'm not asleep or
Smoking on some trees or
Having a little sex or
If I'm not faded or
Making a baby
it's basically the best outgoing message ever.
he has two more songs that are just ridiculously wonderful, sex planet and the zoo.
and he also has a great song called real talk. it's pretty funny, he is yelling at his girlfriend the whole song.
the third, probably most hated man that makes my life worth living is the great howard stern.

i honestly do not get why people hate howard stern so much. oh wait, yeah i do. america hates honesty. they prefer creepy dudes that do despicable things in secret, and then boast about morals. someone like howad, who just says what he thinks coz it's funny is the true evil.

he supports and appreciates our troops and cares about animals. he has never been involved in any kind of scandal, yet people hate him. i think common sense scares americans.
i really don't care if he is hated, i think it's stupid, but as long as i get to hear howard three times a week, i am happy girl :)


  1. but what about the victims of allen and r kelly. do you not feel anything for them? can you value your entertainment over the pain brought to their lives? would you feel the same about these artists if you were one of their victims? and if you wouldn't want it happening to you, can you reasonably accept it happening to others?...

  2. Stern? Well I'm French, and he called French people scumbags, so I think I have a fair reason to hate the bastard. And no offense, but you come across as an idiot.