Thursday, February 2, 2012

mmm, are you gonna finish that chewed up worm?

so i just finished reading down came the rain, by brooke shields. it is about her battle with postpartum depression. i hoped it was going to be a tell all about how she thought of drowning her baby, or throwing it out the window. there was nothing like that, to my disappointment. but there were still two very disturbing things she wrote about. one was that she gave her child a hickey, and the next was that she chewed up food to feed to her kid.

i can understand kissing your baby so much coz you just adore them and want to eat em up. but a hickey? i guess the skin of a baby is thin, so it would be easy, but i don't know, sounds weird to me. to my normal person brain. i absolutely adore my sir abner

sir abner and i as the holy virgin and baby jesus

i love sir abner so much, maybe it is because he is the fruit of my loins. sometimes i look at him and cannot believe how cute he is and how much i love him, i just want to rip his face off, throw it at the wall and let it slid down slowly. so maybe giving your kid a hickey is less traumatic then what i want to do to the ones i love.

now, i have never chewed up food and gave it to my child

humans have the most disgusting mouths in the world, and tons of saliva. ewww, i think it is so wrong for a human to chew up food and give it to another human or any animal. if my mom ever did that to me she better not tell me coz i'll slap that bitch silly. 

i see a lot of disgusting people give animals stuff out of their disgusting, gaping mouths. the animal doesn't seem to care but it still isn't right if you ask me. 

but no one has asked me have they?

oh well. moving on, i made a new comic about marriage. no one really likes it so far but i will post it on here anyways.

do you remember the show saved by the bell

i used to watch it when i was in jr high. i loved the damn show. but even when i was younger, i would roll my eyes at the ridiculousness of the characters saying they were in love all the time. they would date someone for two shows and next thing you know, they were in love. it had to have affected many susceptible youth in a terrible way. thinking that right away you fall in love. not a good thing to teach young children. 

also, george takei posted this picture on his facebook today:

and it is so true. many things in entertainment that people think are "safe" for their children really just teach them the wrong things. i mean, let your kid watch what all the other kids are watching but talk to them about it. 

god, i used to hate watching tv or movies with my mom, she explained everything to me. but looking back i am glad she did because i didn't make a lot of the same mistakes my peers were making. 

i waited until i was an adult to fuck up :)

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