Tuesday, February 28, 2012

mysogonistic men are terrible in bed.

when all these politicians speak about how planned parenthood, ellen degenerous and the girl scouts are corrupting young women, what they are really saying is that they do not want to live in a world of progressively sexual women. they want to revert back to the days when women were meant to be looked at and not heard. women who had to settle for a sub par lover because it was practically the only option for women in the past.

but those days are over, praise the lord. women don't have to put up with bad lovers to avoid work...unless they relied on their looks their whole life...if they did they are probably getting tea bagged by some old hangy balls right now...

..but now that i mention it, tea baggers are usually good lovers right? not! tea bagging goes along with golden showers and bukaki. it has no pleasure for most women, it's mostly for men who get off on degrading women... a dude like that probably had an empty dance card most of his life and it made him bitter. so i would assume, in his head, he is not spooging on his current lovers face; he is spooging on the face of all the women who have rejected him.

so what's wrong with planned parenthood? it helps out women who do not have healthcare. it keeps the population down by providing free birth control and affordable abortions. i just cannot understand why men insist on making rules for women and their bodies. especially republican men. they love to enforce rules that will not affect them. they don't want gays to get married (even though eventually half of them get outed eventually). i understand. they are afraid to be themselves (gay) so they do not want anyone who has enough courage to be themselves, to have the same rights. what good christian morals!

and god forbid ellen degenerous can be successful. i bet it boggles hateful people's minds that america likes ellen even though she is a practicing lesbian. now every little girl in america is going to become gay because they see a gay success on television....but who was ellen's gay role model? if there wasn't a gay women on tv to corrupt ellen, how did she become gay? we need more gay role models like ellen so that children who feel bad about their sexual orientation can realize it is not wrong to love a certain sex....but call me a Prude, i still think it's wrong to love a sheep in a carnal manner.

honestly, i don't know much about the girl scouts, but it seems everyone's "beef" with the girl scouts is that they teach tolerance to young girls, by not discriminating against homosexuals. 

what about what jersey shore and disney teach young girls? mtv and disney is accelerating societies downfall. well, that and parents that do not talk to their children about what they images they are being fed. 

but it's pretty funny how there aren't any staunch republicans causing an uproar over snooky or miley cyrus; and that's because they like women like that; who are eager to please all the men of the world....and that's what they want us to instill in young women.

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