Friday, February 10, 2012

god doesn't want you to have sex for fun; that's why he made it feel so good. duh.

the pope does not like condoms. he, and his followers believe that sex is only for reproduction purposes. so if you are to use condoms or any other type of birth control, you are fornicating and should probably go to hell. 

is it those thoughts that make nasty backwards priests feel it's better to molest an altar boy, then to have consentual, protected sex with a woman or man?

until recently the pope was completely against condom use. finally, in 2010, he decided to condone condom use in certain cases.

well praise the lord! thank you pope, at least now some of the poor souls that think you are worth listening to can have less guilt about protecting themselves during sex. coz guess what, people are going to have sex regardless, so let's make it safe.

in a step out of the dark ages, the united states government decided to make free birth control available to all women through there insurance. of course, that was too progressive and wonderful for the religious kooks in this country. 

instead of wanting the world to be a better place, they want people to be punished with unwanted pregnancies and std's. if you are too scared to do fun stuff because of your god, that's fine. but don't try to ruin it for everyone else. if your god does exist, he will show people his wrath on judgement day or send them to hell when they die. you just worry about yourself. 
i don't believe in heaven or hell. but if they exist, give me a one way ticket to hell please. 
i sure the fuck don't want to spend eternity in  heaven with a bunch of hypocritical prudes, and a misogynistic, vengeful god.

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