Friday, February 17, 2012

i couldn't do it

i am watching a cheesy movie on lifetime television called mini's first time.  now, basically, what it's about is a high school starts prostituting and her first john is her moms husband. they daughter and the sleazy husband get along so smashingly, they decide to drug the mom and set her up as a crazy woman, so that they can live happily ever after with the mom out of the way, without getting a pesky divorce and losing have of the sleaze balls assets.

they end up driving her so crazy that she decides to overdose on sleeping pills. instead of phoning emergency, they waited until she was dead to report the incident. 

of course, a nosy detective starts to snoop around. now, this is where i am at in the movie. and i must admit, i am not cut out for murder. 

i read crime and punishment by fyodor dostoyevsky and had the worst anxiety of my life. i can't even read about a person committing a murder. and lately, for some reason i have really been into true crime. and i just cannot believe that people think it is worth it to commit murder. and also, usually people kill over some stupid shit....and the stupider the motive, the more likely they are caught!

i just do not have the capacity to endure interrogations. 

lol, okay, i am still watching mini's first time and i must admit. mini is hilarious. first time in the interrogation room she says "it was colonel mustard in the library with a candle stick" lol!

i haven't played clue in a long time nor have i heard a solved mystery mentioned. i think it's pretty damn funny. hopefully if i ever kill someone i will be cool enough to say something like that.

knowing me, immediately after the murder i would stumble to the police station covered in blood and wielding a butcher knife. 

dazed by the atrocity of murder.

my only warning to you prospective murderers is plan, plan, plan!

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