Wednesday, February 8, 2012

fill me up with babies! we'll worry about the details later.

disturbing picture isn't it? what a crazy women. i realize that not everyone who goes through IVF (in vitro fertilization) ( is as insane as the "octomom"  (
but i still think that forcing your body to have a baby in an unnatural way is kind of crazy.

ivf is very me, i have seen plenty of reality shows about women going through it. my theory is: if you cannot get pregnant naturally, your body is telling you that you don't need any damn babies and you should just enjoy your carefree "no baby" life.

i would just be nervous that something would be wrong with my baby when i had it if i wasn't meant to be pregnant in the first place. i'm definitely a paranoid, so i believe if i ever got pregnant naturally, something would go wrong and i might give birth to a mongoloid or something. 

i just cannot wait until the old mindset that america has about having to give birth to babies goes away. there are too many stupid people in the world, how about we start adopting babies that need homes and quit using medicine to force ourselves to have babies. 

and now we have retards like mitt romney ( who are trying to abolish abortion all together. and many american states are changing laws so that doctors are required by law to guilt women by forcing them to watch an ultra sound of the fetus before they can get an abortion. so that means more babies are going to need adoptive parents. 
religious people are so egotistical. THEY have to bring another life into this world. they want another THEM. THEY have a right to create life. but guess what, if you have to go through ivf just to have your "god given right" to have a little "you" created, god took that right and science, that thing you are so against, is what gave it back. 

ever heard of darwin? ( survival of the fittest people. i wish the barren would not have children, and the weak would kill themselves, and the old would die, and the druggies would overdose, and the ugly wouldn't reproduce, and the stupid would die in some ridiculous accident. wouldn't the world be a better place?

hard to believe i am an advocate for stem cell research huh? but i am. i really do love science and all it's possibilities, i just wish it wasn't used to bring extra people into this world. there's enough. most are all hateful, greedy, selfish, gross jerks.

show me a picture of a cute baby and in twenty years i could probably show you a picture of the resentful loser they have become. they'll probably still be good looking would think.

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