Wednesday, February 29, 2012

not davey jones!

so davey jones from the monkees passed away today of a heart attack. he was 66. i used to have the biggest crush on this guy when i was younger. then i grew up and realized how short he was. so then my affection went towards the other two monkeys, peter tork and michael nesmith.

my mom had a thing for micky dolenz.

i can see why, but when i was younger i thought she was kind of crazy. 

okay, so davey jones passed, and so did whitney houston. don't celebrities usually die in threes? well, someone who is a celebrity to me passed yesterday, but her death went unnoticed to a lot of the public; jan berenstain. her husband and she wrote the beloved berenstain bears books.

i loved those books. they were cheesy but taught you good lessons. believe it or not i have good morals and stayed out of trouble most of my youth and i think stan and jan berenstein had a big role in teaching me right from wrong.

and now look at me, the ultimate pevoid! thank you stan and jan!

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