Monday, February 13, 2012

surprise, surprise!

well whatdya know? everyone is talking about how great beyonce looks just 5 weeks after giving birth. we all saw this coming didn't we? i honestly am one of the conspiracy theory folks when it comes to beyonce and her child. i am convinced she hired a surrogate. we are all pawns in the celebrity game.

and what about those boobies! now, i remember growing up with a kind of flat chested beyonce. but because her life is so perfectly wonderfully, she lost weight, and her boobs grew! they should study her biology in labs all around the world, because if they can pin point which gene of her dna lets you lose weight while your tits get bigger, the scientist would become rich and the world would be a better looking place.

now, i understand that beyonce looks thicker than usual in these "post-baby" pictures, and if you get fat your chest get's bigger. so i just assume that she didn't want to be obvious about getting too skinny, so jay z let her get thicker, to keep the charade going.

i know i might be being hard on poor beyonce. it's just frustrating to me that this role model is perpetuating the myth that some people have the perfect life. she has a great career, as does her husband. she lost weight and naturally grew boobs. she decided to have a baby and she got pregnant right away. there were no complications with the pregnancy and five months later she looks great. both her parents are alive and all her siblings are alive and well.

 her life couldn't be better if her publicist had wrote it herself.

now whitney houston is an artist i can really stand behind, she let it all hang out. and now she is dead, but if anything her reasonably early demise reminds people that you can have it all, but if you are not careful, you become a sad statistic and the butt of a lot of mean jokes.

whatever beyonce's vice is, she has kept it well hidden and probably will till she dies. so little girls who admire her, will never be able to come close to what beyonce has, and they'll be depressed and bitter; against everyone but beyonce.

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