Wednesday, February 1, 2012

cavemen are only good for one night stands.

there are still a lot of men in this country with caveman mentality. i think it's stupid, but there are many women who like that kind of guy. 

here's what i mean by caveman mentality:

woman has to take man's last name in marriage
if woman gets pregnant, he decides if she keeps it or not
when partying, the man gets wasted, and the woman is the designated driver
the woman cooks, cleans and doesn't talk back
the woman must use birth control or have his babies coz he hates condoms
when at a social gathering, the woman serves her man

and to all those things, i say bah humbug.

i plan to never get married, but you know what they say; never say never. so, if i ever do get married i refuse to take a man's last name. that just seems like a total declaration of ownership. i have a last name, i like it very much thank you. i don't need you to brand me like that. i am actually surprised that the men in this country never took to branding their women. 

i think it's funny, rather, presumptuous that there are men who think they should have a say in a women's reproductive choices. i don't have to argue it do i? to me it's quite obvious that the man should just butt out when a women has to make a decision like that. i have known plenty of women who were guaranteed by their babies daddy that he would be there for her, emotionally AND financially. usually two months after the baby is born, he decides to move on to greener pastures and the women is left with the burden and the stretch marks. i must say, the praying mantis has the right idea, fuck em, get their sperm to have a baby, and then eat their heads so you don't have to deal with them ever again.

i like to party. i have always enjoyed partying. so when i party with my boyfriend, i am gonna get wasted and he better drive or pay for the cab. most of the time, when i see couples party, the guy gets to have all the fun and the women has to stay sober so she can drive his drunk ass home. now, maybe i am mistaken and women in general just aren't as into getting wasted as men are....but i sure do see a lot of single chicks partying it up all the time.

i am just happy when a man lifts a finger around the house; whether it's in the yard or in the kitchen. just as long as something gets done. i do not mind doing yard work, i actually prefer it to dishes or laundry. many men, don't want to help with the domestic duties because that's a women's job, and they don't do shit in the yard. my theory is, if they do neither of those things, they probably suck in bed too.

really though, people will do what they can get away with. so can i really blame men? i have a friend who was seeing this dude. she told him they should use condoms and he told her that if she wants to use condoms with him, she would have to purchase them! how did she respond? she kept fucking him without condoms. personally i would've stopped the relationship right there. they are actually engaged to be married now, lol. 

i don't know if it is a "mexican thing" but at family gatherings i go to, all the women serve their basically, while all the men are bullshitting, they are served food. i think that's crazy, a grown man is more than capable of getting his own food. 

maybe i am just a bitter old hag.

let's see. i hate current popular music, i resent beautiful women, i hate men, and i hate society.
i am officially a bitter old hag.

at least i still love sex. and when it comes to sex i don't really discriminate against the cavemen that are still roaming this earth; as long as they are not so old school that they do not care about pleasuring the women, that shit don't fly with me. i need good, good loving. i put in a lot of effort during sex and i expect my partner to also. 
maybe deep down i am a lesbian and i will only be happy if i am in a relationship with a women. amber heard; will you marry me?

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