Monday, February 6, 2012

i can't wait until bruno mars gets laid, maybe then he'll shut up

i guess bruno mars has a nice voice. decent. a little too fem for my sensibilities. but gosh, his songs are terrible. just a whiny dude who can't get the girls he wants; so instead of settling for someone in his bracket, he cries about the good looking chicks who don't want him. 

i understand the demographic he is going for; young girls. when girls are young, most want a sexy dude to be so in love with her, and if he chose her, she would love him back like he deserved to be loved.

but once you grow up ladies, you realize that you never, ever, ever want the dudes who are totally in love with you. you want the good looking dude who has tons of options but decides he'll still fuck you as long as you don't try and make it a "dinner thang".

lil wayne ^^ may be the ugliest creature in existence.
but he had a song out the same time as bruno mars' grenade song. i have no idea what the title of lil wayne's song is, but he had an awesome line in it:

"never met the girl, but i fucked her like i missed her"

hello!! now that's the kinda guy i want to get with. a stranger who will fuck me like he misses me, not some crooner who will catch a grenade for me. go ahead and catch that grenade bruno, i don't give a damn either way. 

taylor swift is a beautiful, very talented young lady. but whenever i hear her song "you belong with me", my cynicism skyrockets. 

so. taylor swift loves this dudes sense of humor and music, and his girlfriend doesn't. she brings him down so the whole town doesn't get to see his amazing smile; but i bet he's smiling when she is blowing him while her parents are just a room away.

of course he wants the short skirt, high heel wearing prom queen, as opposed to a prudish tshirt and jeans kind of girl. he knows that his best friend is a great girl who he could settle down with, but he's in high school. he wants to be fucking the slutty cheer captain that every other boy masturbates about every night. who cares if she's a bitch.

and the nerdy chick probably has some awesome nerd dude in love with her, and she's busy trying to be there for her neighbor who will never give  her a chance.

ah, the circle of life. sucks doesn't it?

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