Thursday, February 16, 2012

step on a crack; break your mamma's back.

are you superstitious? i am, kind of. i don't know if it is superstition or my neurosis that keep me from stepping on cracks. but sometimes i like to step directly on top of a crack, it feels good...okay maybe it's my neurosis.

but i am superstitious to an extent. for instance, yesterday it was raining and so i had my umbrella in the living room. i was gonna open it because i forgot what the picture on it looked like. yet, i decided not to open it in fear of receiving bad luck from opening an umbrella indoors. i know it is stupid to believe such myths, but lately things haven't been going too well for me so i didn't really feel like tempting the gods. 

but then, what might be good luck for some is bad luck for others.

i assume that the thought that opening an umbrella indoors came from a neat freak who was tired of slobs opening wet umbrellas inside his hotel lobby so he made up the lie and it worked.

maybe, when people do stuff i don't like i can tell them it's bad luck to do it. i wish some influential person would have started the superstition that if you don't cover your mouth after you cough or wash your hand after using the restroom was bad luck. which really it is, not so much for your but for the poor unsuspecting person who touches something after you do or you couch in someones face and give them a cold.

anyways, i decided to do some research on superstitions and where they derived from. (by research i mean i found someone else's research from this website

It's bad luck to walk under a ladder. This came from the early Christian belief that a leaning ladder formed a triangle with the wall and ground. You must never violate the Holy Trinity by walking through a triangle, lest you be considered in league with the devil. (And you all know what good Christians did to people they suspected of being in league with the devil.) 
Don't spill the salt. Although some people believe that Judas spilt salt during the last supper, this claim can't be proven. Salt was a very precious expensive commodity in the middle ages. It was also used for medicinal purposes. If you spilled any, you must immediately throw it over your left shoulder to strike the nasty spirits in the eye, thus preventing sickness. 

" Breaking Mirrors = 7 years bad luck. Some time ago (ancient Romans, if I remember right), people believed that reflections were actually glimpses of the viewers soul. People had gazing pools in their gardens in which they could look at themselves. A really mean thing to do was wait until a person was gazing at their reflection and throw a stone in the water because the distruption of the reflection affected their soul and brought about bad luck. We don't have gazing pools anymore, but the mirror breaking superstition still lives on." - Donald Wilson -

i don't know, seems like a bunch of malarkey to me. first thing i am gonna do when i go home today is to open my umbrella indoors....but if i get bad luck i am gonna blame you people...

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