Friday, March 16, 2012

are there any fair fights these days?

let me start off by saying that i don't believe violence should be the answer for anything. i try to avoid fights, but if necessary i can and will defend myself. what bothers me most is, i never hear about good old fashioned fights anymore. all i hear about is people getting jumped. what the fuck is that? if you aren't capable of fighting "one on one" then you should keep your mouth shut and not start any shit.  coz we all know that the majority of the ones starting shit, are really the ones that cannot back it up.

my boyfriend and i were jumped around christmas eve last year. a month later i heard that some other girls were jumped on the same reservation. my uncle, was jumped a month after that. and even leah from teen mom 2 was recently jumped by some random chicks.

i am an avid watcher of teen mom 2, and i admit, i think leah is kind of fucked up to her babies daddy, but jeez, i doubt it would be necessary to jump her. she's tiny. she doesn't seem like a fighter. what makes one think they would need two others to help them? if you want to fight her, do it by yourself, and if she doesn't want to fight you....find someone who does, you fucking chicken shit loser.

i just found out today that my younger cousin was jumped. my brother gets jumped almost every time he has an altercation. now, my brother, uncle, cousin and i were born fighters. it's how we were raised. i suppose that is why we get jumped; we're crazy and we've seen many a fight, so pretty quick people realize they probably should have picked someone else to start something with. i can't vouch for my family members, but i, personally, do not look for fights. i also do not cower when someone is feeling froggy.

it just is so infuriating that people can't fight without the help of others. and how does it make them feel good? that they had to gang up on somebody in order to win? that's really winning to them? probably. i just don't get it. i would feel bad being involved in an unfair fight that resulted in someone getting serious injuries.

if you have so much aggression that you must fight, start a fight club for christ's sake.

actually, a good rule to go by if you're ever unsure, ask yourself this:

what would chuck palahniuk do?

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