Monday, March 19, 2012

how can a name that contains the word "smart", be so stupid?

Casper Smart. Jeez, that name is ridiculous. It takes a real megalomaniac to walk around calling himself Casper Smart and expect to be taken serious. The sad thing is, i do believe he is taken seriously in the fantasy world of J-LO. With all of her yes men, i can only imagine how many have told him what a cool, unique name he has. 

After all, according to rumors, he is getting a paycheck to be Jennifer Lopez's lover. She's old but she is still good looking, perhaps her personality is so atrocious, paying a lover is the only way to keep one around a while. Do you think he is awesome in bed? I supposed he would have to be. Right? I mean, he is a dancer.

You know who i think must be super amazing in the sack? The rapper T.I's wife, Tiny.

Watching the T.V. show T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, it doesn't seem like Tiny would be T.I.'s caliber of women. She is okay looking, and she doesn't seem very smart at all. T.I. is cute (for a skinny dude), and he seems smart. He is super sexy in My Love with Justin Timberlake.

I just assume Tiny is a dream in the sack, doing crazy stuff and spinning on his penis. possibly spinning plates.

Or i could be wrong and they are just really connected on an emotional level that no one else can understand.

But i truly doubt that "Casper" and JLO have said connection.

I am all for having sex with ugly people. Some of my best sex has been with people i wouldn't want to be seen in public with. As long as they are hygienic, i say give the uglies a chance. They are usually pretty darn good.

My best sex of all time was with a dude who was good looking, and awesome in bed....of course, to him, i was one that he wouldn't take out in public. But i surely didn't mind, whenever he beckoned i was ready and willing. He wasn't very smart, so it's not like going outdoors with him would have been was the indoor fun that was awe inspiring.

i think Blanche Devereaux from The Golden Girls said it best"

"There's nothing sexier than an intelligent man; unless it's a stupid man with good hands."

that quote isn't verbatim, but i searched all over the internet and couldn't find it. They have so many mediocre Golden Girls quotes, it's hard to come by the good ones.

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