Thursday, March 22, 2012

when you're done with your illicit affair, can you pick up some milk?

 I do not believe in monogamy. I think it is stupid and unnatural. We, as a species, need to fornicate wildly in order to enjoy the life we are given. Why must we toil with the complexities of picking one person and trying to stay with them forever? Actually, I would imagine that less marriages would end in divorce if people stopped trying to live up to the false morals of the Bible, and just go with the flow.

The men who penned the Bible were sexually repressed, misogynistic haters, who were tired of everyone having fun, so they decided to write down a bunch of outrageous rules. And just to be sure that people followed the rules, they made up a stories about a boogie man that lives in a place called hell, and also a boogie man that lives in a place called heaven. And people believed them! So much so, that most of the world is brainwashed into thinking you have to find one person, and never have random sex again.

The masses think that marriage being similar to jail time is's not. We really need to change our views on all the old "morals" that some hateful men created a very long time ago. Back then, people didn't have any answers, so I understand people needing to believe some fairy tale. But now, with science, there is no excuse. 

You would think all of the religious prudes would want gay marriage. But they don't. They hope homosexuality will go away if we do not allow any LGTB people have any rights. Keep praying (cause that works wonders)! We're here, We're queer, get used to it!

Okay, that gay part took me a little bit off of the tangent i was on.

To be Continued....

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