Friday, March 9, 2012

i love willie! how bout you?

willie nelson is one of my hero's. to me, he is the most prolific song writer of all time. his words are so beautiful. and the way he works the melody when he sings; it is unique and beautiful. he understands music completely. a true artist. i will be seeing him in concert tonight for the third time, and i hope it is not my last. hopefully, third time is a charm and i will finally acquire one of his sweaty headbands that he throws to the audience throughout his performance. 

this evening will be the first time i will be attending a willie nelson concert with someone else. first and foremost, i have no friends. second, the acquaintances i do have, do not appreciate the awesomeness of mr. nelson. which is fine by me, i abhor the thought of willie becoming more popular, it's bad enough howard stern will be performing for the masses soon.

what's funny about me going solo to a willie concert is that i am usually one mexican in a sea of senior citizen caucasians. i have two tickets for tonight's show thanks to my loving brother. he was supposed to go enjoy the concert with me but his work schedule will not allow it, so now i will enjoy the festivities with my boyfriend. 

i think current country music is retarded. now, i don't mean to make fun of the mentally retarded, but country music today can't be described as anything else but retarded. willie nelson, charley pride, merle haggard, hank williams sr, loretta lynn, patsy cline, and all the other classic country artists were pretty amazing. country music has been on a steady decline since the days of the country music pioneers. 

i want to talk about willie nelson songs that move me.

one of my favorite of his popular songs is crazy. he joked that when he was writing it, he wanted to call it "stupid" but it didn't sound as euphonious. ha, he is such a character, i love him. 


i gotta get drunk is such a great song, it describes the life of a fun loving alcoholic perfectly. it used to be my theme song when i was a bar hopping single girl. now, sadly, i am a married old hag who doesn't drink very often. 

i gotta get drunk

hello walls has pretty clever lyrics. eminem actually used a "window pane" line in one of his recent songs, i'm sure he thought he was a genius for coming up with that one; it think it was the song he did with rhianna.

hello walls

 eminem & rhianna: love the way you lie

 get a grip people; love doesn't have to be like that. there are plenty of fish in the sea.

i mean, if i could digress from the willie nelson topic for a bit; why is rhianna so intent on being the "abused girl"? is it really necessary for her to make it romantic and cool to be a woman who stays with an abusive man? jeez, i hope now that she is fucking with chris brown again that he accidentally kills her so that young girls might realize that abusive relationships are neither cool nor romantic. and if that sounds a bit harsh, oh well. the stupidity she is peddling to young woman is going to end up getting someone killed. and even though marylin manson, ac/dc, judas priest, slayer and others get blamed for influencing people in the wrong way, rhianna will not get any backlash because she is pretty and popular.

that would be kind of vindicating if, when an abused woman gets killed by her spouse, the authorities release that the women had a rhianna album in her car or something like that. coz whenever a morose kid does something, everyone wants to know what they were listening to that made them that way. 

jeez i'm a crotchety old woman.

anyway, back to good 'ol wille :)

a super beautiful song is a song for you. i don't think willie wrote it, be he sings it beautifully.

a song for you

now that i have blabbed sufficiently, i will just throw some of my willie favorites that youtube has available for your listening enjoyment.


yesterday's wine

she's not for you

johnny one time

whiskey river

good hearted woman

help me make it through the night
nothing i can do about it now

and one of my favorite songs of the great willie nelson is touch me. i couldn't find it on youtube but it's a pretty song worth mentioning. willie nelsons catalog is so vast that there are many songs of his i haven't even heard yet

 i gotta go, wish me luck on getting my bandana tonight!!


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