Thursday, March 8, 2012

pauly shore makes sucky stuff seem pretty fun.

yesterday, in the mail, i received a jury duty summons. i swear i get called to jury duty more than the average bear. i never look forward to it. i wish that serving jury duty was as fun as pauly shore made it look.

he made fun of the judge, the defendant and even finagled his way into the president suite of a fancy hotel. plus, he got to bring his adorable, jeopardy loving dog peanut.

i had mentioned my wish; that jury duty was as fun as pauly shore made it look. 
my brother and his friend jokingly mentioned adam, a guy we all know, who recently joined the army. they joked that  adam probably was thinking the same thing about in the army now.
only pauly can make the military look fun. so in the film, pauly shore joins the army reserves, has a sexy drill sergeant, gets a girlfriend, wins a mission and also makes friends with a cuddly camel.

then, he used the money he earned to buy the radio store he always dreamed of. i wonder if there was a rise in people signing up to join the army. people are pretty stupid as a whole so i wouldn't doubt it. and pauly makes being in the military look pretty damn awesome.

he also made being a freak in high school look cool when he was in encino man.

he even made living in a bio-dome look fun.

there's an old saying that i have always believed to be true, and i have inadvertently proved it by talking about the great pauly shore:

There are no boring parties; only boring people
it always bothers me when people say a get-together is boring. i, myself, have a good time no matter what. i make my own fun if necessary. a majority of people are just miserable and blame it on everyone/thing else. 
 if a party that you are at is boring; guess what, that means you are boring!

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