Monday, March 12, 2012

life's a drag and then you die.

today is monday. although monday is the worst day of the week, i used to be giddy when it rolled around because that's when rupaul's drag race comes on. nowadays, not so much.

it's still a pretty good show, i haven't missed an episode, but the queens this season are lacking. no one really has that "je ne sais quoi".

in the first season, there were two queens that i enjoyed.


ongina is really cute, and i love the fact that she sported tiny hats on her bald head. it reminds me of damon wayans when he played a gay guy on in living color.

the other queen from season one that kept my interest was shannel.

she was a voluptuous queen and before her, i had never seen a queen show off a breast plate. now the show is stupid with them. joan rivers used a breast plate for the cover of one of her books. it's a hilarious title and cover.

season 2 of drag race had my favorite queens of all the seasons. 


i think jujubee is very pretty and also she made me chuckle quite often during the season.


raven is my favorite. she was so funny, especially when she would talk shit about everybody during the confessionals. she referred to one of the competitors as "pasty face mcgillicuddy". well, i thought it was clever.

pandora boxx

pandora boxx wasn't one of my favorites, she was supposed to be the funny one of the bunch, but maybe i just didn't get her sense of humor, coz she didn't make me laugh. the reason i chose to bring her up is because she did an awesome "lip sync for your life" to debbie gibson's song shake your love. 

at the end of each episode, ru paul picks the two worst queens and makes them lip sync against each other. for some reason pandora boxx's stuck with me, i thought she looked cute.

morgan mcmichaels

morgan mcmichaels did a pretty memorable lip sync to stacey q's two of hearts.
hmm, now that i think about it, season 3 actually had four queens that i looked forward to.

delta work

i just liked delta's look i suppose.

manila luzon

manila usually wore very creative, campy outfits. she was pretty humorous also.

carmen carrera

carmen carrera has a smoking body, but she was always farting. i thought that her farting all the time was kind of endearing, and amusing.

raja always looked amazing on the runway, she was my fave that season. she also said a few knee slappers behind the scenes.

i love ru paul, beside ru, their are two other drag queens who are great, and didn't need a reality show competition to acquire fame.

lady bunny

lady bunny says some pretty witty perverted things and make some outrageous song parodies. 


drum roll please!!!

my all time drag queen hero is, the late, great


 divine was in a lot of john waters films, in my eyes, the best one was polyester.

if you haven't seen it, i would recommend it, if you can find it. luckily i have a copy of this wonderful film. 

if i were a man, i hope i would be a drag queen, even though, as a woman i don't really get done up....probably coz it's expected of me. fuck society and it's labels!!

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