Tuesday, March 6, 2012

can we please start skinning good looking people and give soft animals a respite??

i cannot believe that this day and age people still wear fur! it's quite infuriating. if i had one wish, although i know world peace or a cure for cancer is the more thoughtful way to waste a wish, i would waste mine on making anyone who peddles or wears fur has to get skinned alive. boy, oh boy, how happy that would make me!

i have always had a problem with fur as fashion, but today i watched dario argento's short film pelts.

it's pretty bad at the beginning, due to the animal cruelty, but then the humans start to get hurt so it makes you feel better. it's actually a pretty cool little flick, it makes you wince. a lot of people love dario argento coz of the "artsy" aspects of his films, but i like when he does gore. my favorite movie of all time is demons.

it is so amazing! when the first demon transforms, it is great. true art i say!! demons 2 is also very good. another movie that has awesome gore is dead alive.

peter jackson directed that. everyone likes him because he directed lord of the rings and other major movies, but i only like dead alive. i think he was one of the main dudes who brought awesome gore to the world.

viva la gore! (unless it's with animals)

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