Tuesday, March 13, 2012

where'd you get those chompers?

yesterday i blabbed on about ru paul's drag race seasons 1 thru 3, today i would like to blab about season 4. it wasn't in my game plan initially, but i totally forget to mention it yesterday ( i tend to get distracted).

my first reaction after seeing all the contestants was "wow, look at everyone's teeth". let me first say, that i, myself, do not have picturesque teeth. that being said, when i do entertain the thought of going on reality tv, i remember that my teeth weren't meant to grace america's televisions. and if i do get the courage to show the public my chompers, i would expect nothing less than everyone to make fun of me.

so, let the insults commence!

just kidding. but let me first talk about jiggly.

jiggly caliente

jiggly got kicked off yesterday, but i think she looked pretty cute sometimes. although, i did think it was funny that on the runway she chose to use a sucker, which obviously draws attention to the mouth. my question is, why would you want to draw attention to your mouth when it isn't that sexy?

i feel bad saying that, but really, i have no friends and my boyfriend doesn't watch drag race so i needed to tell someone. it was driving me crazy!

another gummy contestant that has been kicked off already is milan.

she looks pretty right? it's just a little much when she sports a full on smile.

my favorite queen this season just has some raunchy looking teeth i guess. but i like her look so much, i don't even think it matters.

sharon needles

another fave this year is latrice royale. she is just loud and fun. her face makeup is so orange, but the judges don't seem to mind so i may be missing something. but i like her and hope she makes it to the end, she makes the show interesting.

latrice royale

unfortunately, she doesn't have award winning teeth either. and really, i don't usually judge people by their teeth, it's just a little jarring when someone rounds up a bunch of people with bad teeth and puts them in the same room.

kenya michaels

kenya michaels is no longer in the competition, but she probably was the fishiest (looks like a real woman) of the bunch, but she was a scary little man without the makeup.

the queen i hate is phi phi o'hara. she is hateful and always has an attitude for no reason. she makes a pretty girl, but there is nothing special about her drag look or her personality.

and initially, you think, he's a cute guy, but his personality ruins that.

chad michals is pretty good. although, as a man he looks kind of weird due to all the plastic surgery he has had. (he is a cher drag queen, and looks just like cher when he does her)

he gets mad when people do the above mannerisms when portraying cher.

but he also looks good as a regular no name drag queen.

i have to mention willam because he is annoying, yet funny coz he pisses everyone off on purpose. and also, he doesn't realize that she usually has an obvious 5 o' clock shadow, even though everyone has told her about it.

so, those are the only ones from season 4 that i care to discuss.

what i forgot yesterday was shangela!

oh, how i hate shangela. she was on season 2, got kicked off right away, then was on season 3. she went pretty far on season 3, even though she fucked up a lot in the beginning. during a standup challenge, she won doing her character shaniqua (or something to that effect). it wasn't funny, it was just better than all the other terrible acts.

as a joke, they made it seem like she was going to be on season 4 also, i definitely would not have watched the season if she was on it. she sucks!

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