Thursday, March 15, 2012

only the lonely...

i have no social life. i know what you are thinking: "how can a girl with such a great outlook on life not have any friends?". i ask myself the same thing daily. 

see, i love my job, but i work with an elderly white woman, and a middle aged mexican man. i wouldn't want to work with anyone else, but they don't really help to expand my social circle.

i suppose i could go with the old lady to a casino and play bingo.

or maybe catch a cock fight with the mexican man.

(i didn't want to post an actual cock fight picture, they are horrid and despicable)

okay, those comments about bingo and the cockfight are pretty prejudice. i was just joking, my coworkers don't fit all the normal stereotypes. but we still have no interest in seeing each other after work.

i have one woman who i consider a friend, and she lives about a two hour drive from me. i see her once  a month if i am lucky. my other female friends, i have slowly but surely lost touch with.

in the last year, some girls have tried to befriend me. they are too young for me. i enjoy partying and drugs, but i still like to be home at a decent time most of the week; i have pets for cripes sake. actually i prefer to do drugs at home, by myself, in a dark room.

anyways, i guess the point i am trying to make is that with younger girls, by the time i got comfy at home, planned my television or reading schedule,  i would get a call to go out. and by then i am already fancy on the idea of a quiet evening at home; on second thought, maybe i should go play bingo at the senior center.

or, my fate may be to become a hermit like i have always imagined. i know of some land i can use undetected. maybe i'll build a hut out of mud and grow a garden.

if total isolation isn't quite my thing, i can always try being homeless. then i would at least have some interaction.

if homelessness becomes too cold, my only other option is to start a cult. that way, the only people that i would have to deal with are ones that i brainwashed to my own specifications.

i pick door number 3.

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