Wednesday, March 21, 2012

There goes the neighborhood.

I hate racist, and really would like everyone to live in harmony. With that said, I really hope it's an African American or Mexican family that moves into my neighborhood next. So many white trash families have invaded my previously ethnic neighborhood lately, it makes me want to move.

My neighborhood is low income. But i have always loved it. I am walking distance to a Bar, the Public Library, the Post Office, the Courthouse, a movie theater, a tattoo shop, and a little Mexican market, which means i can visit all of these places drunk or stoned, since i do not have to drive. 

Before the American economy took a dump, the area i lived in consisted mostly of Mexicans and African Americans. Now, more and more white trash families are moving in and they ruining the peaceful community we once had. i am not saying that i do not want any Caucasians living near me, I just do not want the stereotypical white trash moving in any more, and it seems that the decent Caucasians pick better hoods to live in. The only reason i am writing about this is because, i think it's funny a person would wish to have Mexicans or African Americans move into their neighborhood as opposed to Caucasians. All I have ever heard of is people not wanting minorities invading their areas.

I used to like skateboarders when i was in high school but, in bad neighborhoods, almost every household has guard dogs. Now that so many skater kids have moved in, they use everyone's side walks and the dog barking is constant. It doesn't seem to bother the kids, cause they are always hanging out in front of barking dogs, not giving a shit.

Maybe it's me. I may just be the crotchety old woman of my neighborhood....I do have a lot of pets. I wonder what my reputation is. I always thought i was the big breasted, sexual dynamo of my area.
please don't tell me i am considered the crazy animal lady. 
My dogs think I'm cool...

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